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For more than 15 years, RxScan has been offering health care solutions to many different pharmaceutical settings, including hospitals, retail pharmacies, physician practices, pharmaceutical waste management companies and veterinary clinics, that enhance patient safety and provide quality assurance. These barcode software solutions allow pharmacies to improve medication handling in pharmacy environments and to make permanent improvements in quality-control procedures.

RxScan’s goal is to provide pharmacies with tools to save time, money and to reduce the chance of human error associated with medication handling. To achieve this goal, RxScan offers the most innovative products, including customized solutions, to fit any client’s needs. The “out-of-the-box” solutions offered by RxScan are mobile and easy to integrate into any existing pharmacy’s current workflow or add to a new pharmacy’s planned operations.

In addition to providing clients with innovative and customized barcode software solutions, RxScan is committed to customer service and reliable tech support to ensure quality assurance through medication distribution and patient safety. Because pharmacies face challenges daily, RxScan technologies work to reduce pharmacy liability.

Choosing the correct barcode software solution that works best for your pharmacy can be complicated. RxScan’s pharmacy barcode specialists are available to discuss all of these solutions as well as any custom solutions. For more information about RxScan and our pharmacy solutions, contact us or call 800-572-2648 to speak with one of our sales representatives.

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“Since usquestionnaireNDC Translator, we have noticed a large improvement in the standardization of NDC codes in our current bedside solution. We also use RoboCheck to improve the efficiency of checking and to reduce errors in items being dispensed to the floor.”

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