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Today, hospital pharmacies face more challenges than ever before. Pharmacists and their staff are expected to be perfect 100% of the time. Staff personel are expected to do more with less resources and funding. RxScan’s goal is to provide pharmacies with the tools to save them time, money and reduce the chance of human error. This is precisely why pharmacies across the country choose our products and services.

RxScan’s solutions fit within the tight financal and operational constraints of pharmacy departments. Ultimatley providing the “clinical safety net” needed by hospitals. Our “out of the box” solutions are mobile and can be easily integrated into any pharmacy’s current workflow.

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“Since usquestionnaireNDC Translator, we have noticed a large improvement in the standardization of NDC codes in our current bedside solution. We also use RoboCheck to improve the efficiency of checking and to reduce errors in items being dispensed to the floor.”

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