Perpetual Inventory Tracking for Samples, 340B Drugs & Vaccines® functions as a real-time perpetual inventory system that streamlines the sample tracking process. Hospital owned clinics are able to comply with The Joint Commission’s recommendations on handling medication samples. is a perpetual inventory system available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription.

How It Works

Of the $29 billion spent by the pharmaceutical industry to promote its products, over 60 percent, or about $18 billion a year goes to “free” samples. Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation Standards for samples require that samples be stored and dispensed with the same protections required for medications dispensed by the pharmacy. Samples require proper labeling and tracking and must be retrievable in the event of a recall.


  • Manage inventory of stock medications, vaccines and drug samples in one easy to use web solution
  • The option for patient specific dispensing records
  • On demand patient labels with dosing instructions for each medication
  • Prescription pad labels for enhanced legibility and efficiency
  • Inventory tracking by NDC, lot number, and expiration date
  • System wide (Enterprise) Perpetual Inventory: Track across all locations, hospital to clinic
  • Easily automate tasks that are handled manually on paper now
  • Waste tracking/documentation and reporting
  • Ability to track separate 340B and VFC inventories
  • Comply with regulatory agencies on medication handling guidelines


  • Quick ROI
  • Increased visibility of medication inventory across your entire organization

Resource Center Data Sheet (pdf)

National Coordinating Council’s Recommendations on Handling Drug Samples