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I just want to tell you both how impressed I am with how the scanner has been received by both the pharmacists and technicians at Reading.

They are always scanning; I find them training each other. I have received numerous comments like “this is great”, “impressive” etc.

They are anxious to expand to other products. I will roll out the next batch of NICU / PEDS next week.

Reading, PA

Reading Hospital

The RxScan bar coding system has been an invaluable addition to our pharmacies’ day to day operations. We have five stores and the Rx scan has provided us with a cost friendly and effective way to improve our safety and efficiency. Accuracy and patient safety are the cornerstones to the practice of pharmacy. The Rx scan has provided a solution and peace of mind. Thanks!

Various locations, Ohio

President, Schwieterman Pharmacies

I really like the products and look forward to working with RxScan for many years to come.

RxScan’s transaction logging provides accountability tracers to ascertain that barcoding is actually being preformed.

Accurate yet flexible to meet the needs of any pharmacy work flow.

Always responsive, always has a solution. 

Corpus Christy, Texas

CHRISTUS Spohn Memorial Hospital

Using NDC translator we have noticed a large improvement in the standardization of NDC codes in our current bedside solution.

RoboCheck improves the efficiency of checking and reduces errors in items being dispensed to the floor.

Glasgow, KY

TJ Samson Community Hospital

The RxScan Auditor is very simple and easy to use, requiring very little change in current work flow. The staff has come to depend on it for that “extra check.”

Arlington, Texas

University of Texas Arlington

It provides a simple method for packaging oral solids, oral liquid syringes and miscellaneous products.  We have gained the ability to barcode products from pharmacy without outsourcing our packaging.  With the addition of hand scanners to the ADM, we now can stock virtually everything by barcode.

A simple handheld solution for unit of use/unit dose packaging that utilizes barcode technology to improve dispensing safety from receipt to med station.

Extremely fast, accurate product support after the sale

Vincennes, Indiana

Good Samaritan Health Center

The software is really going to help us as we roll out our tracking application for our clinics.
Thank you!

Berkeley, CA

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“Since using NDC Translator, we have noticed a large improvement in the standardization of NDC codes in our current bedside solution. We also use RoboCheck to improve the efficiency of checking and to reduce errors in items being dispensed to the floor.”

Community Hospital

TJ Samson

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