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RxScan’s Showcases at 2010 ASHP Midyear Meeting

Nov 29, 2010

There are three separate booths where RxScan products are being demonstrated. Visit us at RxScan’s booth #1880, Omnicell’s booth #1331 and Epson’s booth #1551.

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Epson and RxScan ease the challenges of hospital compounding

Nov 29, 2010

RxScan and Epson have joined forces to provide hospitals with solutions that combine RxScan’s ingenuity and Epson’s reliability.

RxAdmix uses barcode verification and preparation worksheets to ensure that compounds and IVs are prepared correctly. Once the item is prepared, a color label is printed from the Epson SecurColor inkjet printer. This provides the hospital with a durable, high quality, alcohol and water resistant color label.

About RxScan

RxScan has been providing barcode scanning solutions to the pharmacy profession since 1996. The company remains committed to providing the most innovative products in medication error prevention. Our solutions provide accurate and efficient solutions that can be affordable for any healthcare setting, regardless of size. As part of our commitment to excellence, we provide every client with quality products, genuine customer service, and reliable tech support. RxScan has a unified mission to provide patient safety and quality assurance for medication distribution and administration.

About Epson

Epson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly reliable point-of-service technology, including printers, precision printing mechanisms and digital image scanners. With a series of world firsts, Epson continues to lead the way in inkjet printer technology for both home and professional users. Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Long Beach, CA, Epson America, Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality technology products that meet customer demands for increased functionality, compactness, systems integration and energy efficiency. For more information, please visit

RxAdmix at a Glance


Unitech and RxScan promote Antimicrobial NDC Translator Kit

Nov 01, 2010

New RxScan and Unitech MS337H-NDC handheld NDC imager scanner kit simplifies the reading of medication NDC number barcodes

Delaware, OH November 1, 2010 – RxScan and Unitech, leaders in healthcare barcode reading have released the MS337H-NDC handheld imager scanner kit. The kit, designed specifically for the healthcare market, includes the NDC Translator software, a patented medication NDC number barcode translation parsing application, and the MS337H handheld imager scanner.

This combination provides medical professionals and healthcare organizations with an “out-of-the-box” NDC barcode scanning solution aimed at increasing medication use accuracy and patient safety. It enables the instant NDC number decoding of the barcoded information on a medication that is required by a wide variety of healthcare medication administration and billing applications. RxScan and Unitech are constantly striving to offer healthcare clients the latest technological advances.

The patented NDC Translator application enables the conversion of a medication’s NDC bar code information into the 11 digit NDC format required by a wide variety of healthcare medication administration and billing applications without the use of drug dictionary cross reference files.

“Reading medication NDC bar codes is a significant, costly, time consuming, high maintenance endeavor for any healthcare organization,” said RxScan President Max Peoples. “The NDC Translator software and MC337H imager scanner combination is intended to simplify and minimize the efforts needed to read medication NDC bar codes.”

The MS337H handheld imager scanner has an antimicrobial enclosure and aggressive decoding performance, and features true omni-directional 2D area scanning technology with a high-resolution image sensor and wide-angle lens. Perfect for scanning patient identification bracelets and medication NDC number bar codes, the MS337H offers a large scanning area to improve efficiency and productivity in data collection.

The MS337H is constructed with a durable antimicrobial housing. Capable of withstanding multiple 5-foot drops to concrete, the MS337H is rugged enough for any healthcare application. While standard healthcare procedures require cleaning and disinfection for any devices used at the point-of-care, the MS337H’s antimicrobial housing provides an added safeguard against the proliferation and spread of germs.

For more information about the new MS337HNDC imager scanner from RxScan and Unitech, visit http://www.____________

RxScan is a leader software development for scanning NDC barcodes to improve the safe administration, billing and tracking of medications. For more information about RxScan or NDC Translator, visit

Unitech is a global provider of data collection hardware. For more information about Unitech, visit

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“Since using NDC Translator, we have noticed a large improvement in the standardization of NDC codes in our current bedside solution. We also use RoboCheck to improve the efficiency of checking and to reduce errors in items being dispensed to the floor.”

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