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Omnicell and RxScan Partner to Improve Barcode Verification

Omnicell and RxScan Partnership

“Omnicell has partnered with RxScan to provide pharmacists and technicians with the ability to perform Pick Verification during medication preparation. This unique partnership will allow Omnicell customers to use SafetyStock to perform barcode verification in the central pharmacy for restock orders that are being prepared for the cabinet.  The new enhancement will compliment the ability to scan during restock, issue, and return at the ADC. RxScan's product has the ability to scan virtually any medication barcode being dispensed from the pharmacy.  This enhancement will allow the pharmacy to perform a barcode check and verification on all doses leaving the pharmacy. The Omnicell-RxScan partnership helps customers comply with the proposed ASHP statement on barcode verification during inventory, preparation, and the dispensing of medications."

About Omnicell

Omnicell, Inc. is a leading provider of systems to enable healthcare facilities to increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety and allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients.
Omnicell supply product lines provide a healthcare institution with comprehensive supply chain solutions that result in fast, effective control of costs, capture of charges for payer reimbursement, and timely reorder of supplies. Products range from high-security closed-cabinet systems and software to open-shelf and combination solutions in the nursing unit, cath lab and operating room